About us

We believe the legacy of families and institutions goes beyond money, assets and businesses.
It is also reputation, beliefs, values, virtues, stories and planning.

What differentiates us?


Investing for over 23 years in Brazil and abroad, we offer personalized and exclusive services for each of our clients, with families located in various countries around the world.

Client focused

We are exclusively remunerated by our clients for the provision of services, giving back any rebate and remuneration received by third parties to the clients.


We are part of the Wigmore Association, a group of international Family Offices with the goal of sharing knowledge about wealth management. We are proud to be the only representative of South America.

Through the Wigmore Association, we were able to broaden its global perspective, acquiring local capillarity for analyzing investment opportunities and networking for the performance of its functions.

Our purpose is to work together globally to help our families thrive.

And how do we do it?
• By providing independent global intelligence
• Offering exclusive access to a trusted international network
• Helping our families navigate an evolving investment world

What sets Wigmore's wealth managers apart and why are they trusted and recognized?
• Independent and not owned by large banks or financial institutions
• Long-standing and successful companies with decades of experience supporting client families and founding families
• They have purposes and values guided by the way they serve clients and offer services
• Are collaborative in sharing best practices and innovations among members

Pitcairn EUA
Promecap México
Turim MFO Rio de Janeiro
HQ Trust Alemanha
Mutual Trust Austrália
Turim UK UK
Turim MFO São Paulo


Our Mission is to manage the assets of families and institutions with excellence, guided by an independent, impartial, and transparent stance. With a global vision, we create innovative solutions that go beyond management of financial assets.


Our Purpose is to preserve our clients’ wealth so that they can safely and serenely achieve their goals and dreams, perpetuating their legacy cross generations. Built on a relationship of trust and professionalism, we are a team motivated to nurture lasting connections that impact families and institutions in a sustainable way.

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