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Global Asset Management

Investing abroad has been at the core of Turim since its foundation.

We do not sell products – but instead we identify the best investment opportunities available in the local and international market, with long-term vision and with the objective of preserving the families’ assets.

We developed, in partnership with the MIT Sloan School of Management, an investor profile model that goes far beyond a suitability form. We identify our clients’ risk profile, objectives, concerns and dreams, optimizing the return on their portfolios with greater diversification.

With a partnership in Silicon Valley, we are at the forefront of the new technology frontier, offering our clients access to the best Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, as well as co-investments.

Global Asset Management

Impact Investment and ESG

We pursue new impact investing opportunities, offering our clients global access to companies that align their financial goals with positive impact in education, healthcare, climate change and derivatives.

We use ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria in our due diligence of investments and in the preparation of the client impact portfolio.

We esteem PRI as a global standard for responsible investment, we are proud to be signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment.

Impact Investment and ESG

Wealth Planning*

We believe in planning to perpetuate. Together with third-party experts and with our vast experience, we coordinate:

  • Incorporation, Maintenance and Restructuring of Structures Abroad, including Lifestyle Assets
  • Tax Planning locally and abroad
  • Succession planning locally and abroad
  • Review of Accounting Services (For example: DIRPF, DCBE and Offshore Balance Sheets)
  • Other citizenships, Investee Visas and Tax Residence Changes
Wealth Planning

Consolidation of Information and Documentation*

We transform dispersed data into intelligent information through a rigorous collection and treatment process using proprietary software developed in-house.

Consolidation of Information and Documentation

Family Financial Education

We carry out financial education modules for our clients, translating concepts into practical examples that facilitate understanding of how financial markets and asset management works. In doing so, we help train the younger generations, so that they are prepared to manage the resources they will one day inherit.

Family Financial Education

Philanthropic Planning

We coordinate the evaluation of new projects with a non-profit purpose, whether developed by the client or third-party projects that arouse their interest.

Philanthropic Planning
*These services are provided by Turim Serviços.
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