We offer unbiased global asset management and customized solutions, with a robust team and sophisticated platform.

Independence and Governance

We are not associated with any financial institution, having a genuine partnership that has strong succession rules.

Turim has several operational and administrative committees that meet regularly, the result of best practices acquired over the years.

Independence and Governance

Experience and Focus

Investing our clients’ assets abroad is in Turim’s DNA. We are one of the largest independent managers in Brazil with consistent growth in a highly regulated and demanding world.

Experience in Illiquid Investments

Aiming at greater portfolio diversification and new investment opportunities, Turim is present in Silicon Valley, the main innovation and technology hub in the world.

With a structured program of illiquid investments, diversifying across sectors, vintages, geographies and stages, we encourage innovation and seek exceptional returns, in addition to developing new solutions and services for our clients.

Investment Process and Philosophy

We have a structural view of the portfolio, focused on asset value and risks incurred. We maintain a transparent and long-term relationship with top managers in the market. In addition, we carry out rigorous due diligence prior to any allocation.

Investment Process and Philosophy
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