We were born with having sustainability aligned with our purpose, “impact families and institutions in a sustainable way”, which drives us to work so that our stakeholders can safely achieve their goals and dreams.

By integrating sustainability across all levels, we seek to preserve our culture, the quality of our service, and guide our clients in innovative ways and imprinting a positive legacy for the world.

In 2023, Turim officially became a Certified B Corporation, joining the exclusive group of 300 leading Brazilian companies in this global movement. Being a B Corporation signifies guiding our clients in a creative and innovative manner, finding solutions to the challenges we face, and making a positive impact on our community and the world around us. This certification is a profound reflection of our culture, values, and a transparent and responsible governance that ensures every decision is made with the well-being of all in mind.

We have been Carbon Neutral since 2018, which means we neutralize our greenhouse gas emissions through the purchase of carbon credits.

Moreover, we are proud signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), used as a global standard for responsible investment. They are an international network of investors supported by the United Nations that promotes the commitment to investments with sustainable long-term returns.

We have values aligned with our clients’ values and understand the broad spectrum of sustainable investments needed to serve different profiles. We have developed expertise in impact and ESG investments in recent years, which translates into opportunities and robustness when elaborating our clients’ investment portfolios.

Sustainability Report

Our report reflects our culture and brings together our strategies, ambitions, commitments, and contributions to shape a more sustainable future.


Social Responsability

We seek to create positive impact for society and the environment in which we operate, actively exercising our social responsibility both inside and outside the company.

Through the Corporate Volunteer Program, Turim CARES, we offer employees the time and opportunity to engage in social projects, positively impacting the community around us.

In addition to this initiative, we exercise our social responsibility by supporting the projects below, which we are proud to follow their stories.

Founded 25 years ago, the NGO's mission is social and cultural education through classical music teaching to promote the social inclusion of children, teens and young adults from communities in situations of social vulnerability.
The Institute has been promoting and encouraging continued learning for Basic Education teachers through art since 1989 as a means of developing critical, sensitive, and transformative potential in individuals.
The project seeks to develop children, teens and women from communities in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro through art therapy as a powerful instrument of creative potentialization and strengthening of each one's identity.
Located in Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo, it is one of the most important cultural institutions in Brazil and aims to preserve, extend, and expand its artistic heritage, publicize modern and contemporary art, and organize exhibitions and cultural and educational activities.
One of the most important art museums in Brazil, the Pinacoteca occupies a building constructed in 1900 in Jardim da Luz, downtown São Paulo, and is the oldest art museum in the city. Since its creation, the museum has been showcasing its renowned collection of Brazilian art and temporary exhibitions by national and international artists, always considering dialogues with various cultures of the world.
In São Paulo, the project seeks to promote reading and education for children from rural communities in the Amazon, encouraging community exchange.
Technical development of the team João Siemsen and Marina Arndt for international sailing competitions (focus on the 2023 Pan American Games and the 2024 Olympics).
The project offers early childhood education for children aged 2 to 6 and cultural and vocational projects as a means of social inclusion for children, teens and adults from the Chatuba de Mesquita community in the Baixada Fluminense.
A project that has been in existence for 15 years and aims to maintain community music education centers, primarily for orchestra instruments, by offering weekly classes free of charge.
A Rio de Janeiro cycling team that brings together athletes from the Elite and Master categories who seek competitiveness, excellence, and personal growth.
The "Viver Melhor" project offers regular practice of physical and socio-affective activities for elderly individuals, providing maintenance of cognitive independence and health for healthy aging.
A cultural project focused on environmental education to raise awareness about the problem of ocean pollution based on research conducted by the institute on Cagarras Islands.
For 31 years, Solar has been providing full-time education for students from 3 months to 18 years, promoting access to culture, sports, support for professionalization, basic health care, and social assistance to families in two communities in Rio de Janeiro.
Junior Achievement was founded in 1919, over 100 years ago, and is one of the first organizations to bring entrepreneurship programs to children and young people in Latin America, preparing them for the future of work through entrepreneurship, financial education, and job readiness programs. Operating for almost four decades in Brazil, JA brings content to all states and has trained over 5.7 million students with the support of more than 200,000 volunteers.
"Segurança Pública 5.0" is an initiative of the Kuidamos Institute, a startup created by PUC-Rio students in 2018, which was founded to improve the safety of Rio de Janeiro's neighborhoods and contribute to the economic and social recovery of our city through the enhancement of the "Segurança Presente" operation.