We believe that a family’s legacy goes beyond just money, assets and business, but that is also extended to its reputation, beliefs, values, virtues, history and "prepared opportunities" – a generation builds opportunities for which the next generations should be able to seize and make the best of them.

With this growing globalization, it is becoming increasingly difficult for families to manage and preserve their assets, as well as perpetuate their values ​​across generations. The range of investment opportunities has amplified, markets became more volatile, correlation amongst countries has increased, new currencies emerged while others disappeared from circulation, some traditional and solid institutions lost their status, new legal and fiscal structures were created and improved, and socio-economic and global geopolitical environments are becoming progressively more dynamic.

With a Multi-Family Office, families are assisted by a single company that embraces all the complexities related to its assets and that proactively positions itself to the dynamism of a global atmosphere. Steered by trust, confidentiality and ethics, the Family Office industry has grown, becoming and establishing itself as a relevant presence globally. Turim has worked in this segment for over fifteen years and has been growing consistently by building strategic relationships both in Brazil and abroad, in order to provide high quality services to our client-families. We position ourselves with independence, transparency and, above all, impartiality.

Our processes are being continuously reevaluated and enriched, aiming to provide high quality services in the short, medium and predominantly in the long term. In order to best evaluate investments, quantitative analyzes are done with extreme severity, allowing portfolio diversification and risk mitigation. In parallel, qualitative analyses are just as important: we commit ourselves to deeply understanding and appraising each service provider through a robust due diligence and we frequently reevaluate them. All these factors translate into significant results given the low risks incurred, as well as a better well-being, quality of life and peace of mind for our client families.

Turim never forgets that good institutions are created and molded by talented individuals, with complementary dreams and backgrounds.  Our team is composed by experienced professionals with a solid education and training, where most derived from areas such as Investment Banking, Private Banking,  Asset Management, Capital Markets, Insurance and Pension Funds.

Where do Multi-Family offices come from?

The Multi-Family Office model originated from two different threads: by Single-Family Offices merging and derived from financial institutions. Historically, circa 19th century, family offices were owned by families such as Rothschild, Guggenheim and Rockefeller, who created complex structures to manage their wealth and to help pass it along to the succeeding generation. These families then realized that they had assembled a group of experts and built a structure that could be useful to other families too. With this, these Single-Family Offices became Multi-Family Offices, seeking to dilute their costs and share their knowledge.  Simultaneously, with the economy boom of the 1980s and 1990s, more wealthy families emerged and banks mergers caused an organizational turmoil leading to the decline in the quality of services offered by financial institutions. Furthermore, with the 2008 crisis, uncertainty towards financial institutions increased and many of them searched for business models that resembled the one of Multi-Family Office.

In virtue of being based on a model of impartiality and transparency, Turim believes that the authentic Family Office should act independently and without offering products. By exempting any conflict of interest, this is the formula that allows us to build a relationship of trust over all these years.

Our Values


We are not tied or related to any financial institution or third parties. The companies and professionals with whom we work with globally are the ones that offer our clients the best investment and cost structures.


Our interests are fully aligned with our clients’ interest: we are remunerated exclusively by them. We offer services and we do not sell products.


Our clients’ information is utterly protected – whether when communicating with third parties but also internally and with other Turim clients.


Our transparency is reflected and embodied by all aspects of our relationship, from issuing our opinion about various subjects to the presentation of the portfolios returns.


To manage families’ wealth by allocating their assets and providing them with high-quality services that go beyond the financial sphere, without conflicts of interest.


To be a global reference in the Family Office industry, proactively exploring opportunities that add values to the services we provide to a select number of families throughout generations.

International Family Offices Association

Wigmore Association

Turim is pleased to be a member of the Wigmore Association, a group of international Family Offices with the goal of sharing knowledge about wealth management. We are proud to be the only representative of South America. This is a work association and does not involve any capital partnership.

The Wigmore Association was founded in 2011 and consists of a select group of eight Family Offices (including Turim) from around the world: HQ Trust (Germany), The Myer Family Company (Australia), Northwood Family Office (Canada), Pitcairn (US), Progeny 3 (US), Promecap (Mexico), SandAire (UK) and Turim Family Office (Brazil).

The CIOs, Chief Investment Officers, from the participating members meet formally twice a year to exchange information about investment opportunities and others issues of interest to the families. Also, the CEOs, Chief Executive Officers, meet annually to discuss subjects of common interest among the associated Family Offices . Additionally, the management teams of each Family Office are constantly in touch, evaluating new investment opportunities.