Vai Saudade: Heitor dos Prazeres & Zéh Palito

Art Exhibition

30 October 2023

On the last Thursday, we had the honor of hosting a visit to the exhibition “Vai Saudade: Heitor dos Prazeres & Zéh Palito,” followed by a cocktail at the renowned Simões de Assis Gallery in Curitiba.

The exhibition highlights the dialogue between two artists from different generations, united by their interest in representing black people and their influence on culture.

The title of the exhibition refers to the 1965 composition by Heitor dos Prazeres, a versatile artist born in 1898 in Rio de Janeiro, who emerged from the working class after the abolition of slavery. He played a prominent role in the Brazilian cultural scene, contributing to the visual arts, music, and fashion.

Zéh Palito, who now divides his time between the United States and Brazil, was born almost 100 years after Heitor, in Limeira, São Paulo. He is known for his street painting, murals, and graffiti in small cities in São Paulo, activities that strengthen local communities and address pressing social issues.

The exhibition will be open for visitation until December 16. Don’t miss it!