Turim’s Insights


08 March 2023

The current US interest rate landscape was one of the main highlights of our March monthly webinar.

If, initially, the debate about the US economy took place exclusively between a “hard” or “soft landing”, now a third scenario is being considered in the markets, the “no landing” – in that the economy continues to grow despite high interest rates.

“As a consequence, in terms of monetary policy, interest rates would be higher and the Fed would act more intensely and for a longer period”, evaluates economist Thiago Campos.

In Brazil, the re-encumbrance of fuels was a highlight. With a partial return on this taxation, Thiago assesses that the decision, although positive, is just one element in the country’s fiscal sustainability equation, and that it is still necessary to define a credible long-term fiscal framework.

The webinar also had the participation of Leonardo Martins Moraes, co-CEO; Fernando Verboonen, CIO; and Rodrigo Louro, CEO of Turim UK.