Turim’s Insights

05 August 2020

The clear gap between economic data and the responses of global markets was one of the themes addressed by the Turim’s monthly webinar.

One of the main factors behind this disparity is the dichotomy between large and small companies. That’s what our co-CEO Eduardo Almeida explains.

“Small companies, which aren’t on the stock exchange, suffer much more. But the big ones are the ones that issue papers – both stocks and debts. Therefore, they have the ability to navigate better during a crisis and will come out bigger than they entered”.

Partner Rodrigo Louro explains that it’s time for pragmatism in the markets. “Markets are punishing assets that are not performing well – and this scenario creates opportunities for other companies. Therefore, they are being very objective and we see the exchanges reporting, for the most part, better results than the market had predicted”.

The conversation was also attended by Nelson Abrahao, chief strategist and Portfolio Manager and Partner, Fernando Verboonen.