TFO Purpose Fund

Purpose Driven, Market Returns

03 March 2021

Do you know what sustainability is? As the discussion around the ESG criteria grows, Turim MFO hosted a webinar this Wednesday to talk about the future of investment and what it actually means to be sustainable.

During the online event our partner Roberta Goulart, responsible for the Sustainability area in Turim, explained the origin of the word sustainability, which is a combination of “sustain” and “skill”.

“In the definition of the word, it is already possible to see what we are trying to do here. Sustainability is the ability to maintain a certain level and/or system that is able to maintain or preserve itself”, she explains.

For this, Roberta highlights three pillars: economic viability, environmental protection and social equality. These factors, which can be summarized as the union of profit, planet and people, makes it possible to think about sustaining economic growth without compromising new generations.

“Thus, one can see how the concept of sustainability is completely aligned with the work of a Multi-Family Office: our main objective is to perpetuate the wealth and legacies of families, so that new generations have the same access as those of today”, she concludes.