Synapse Venture Capital

Current scenario and trends

30 September 2020

How is the Venture Capital (VC) investments scenario post-pandemic and what are the perspectives for the sector? It was on this subject that Wolney Betiol, founder of Synapse Venture Capital, spoke about in this webinar on VC trends, promoted by Turim MFO.

In a conversation with Rodrigo Louro, partner and head of Research, and Carolina Assis, illiquid investments analyst at Turin, Wolney explained that investments in VC remained solid in the first half of the year in terms of invested dollars. “This was a surprise because we expected a reduction in post-pandemic”, he explains.

According to Wolney, there was a one-off reduction in the months of March and April. In May, investments strongly recovered. “The number of companies has decreased, with investors favoring late-stage companies. But it’s amazing how the VC industry has repositioned itself.”

The entrepreneur also explains that investments in VC are a way for companies to maintain their capacity to follow innovation and technology trends around the world. “And what this recovery shows us is a level of maturity and understanding of them that, instead of being focused only on their core business, continued to invest in VC”, he concludes.