Morning chat with Kapitalo and MAR Asset

What to expect from 2023 in the view of two relevant hedge fund managers?

29 March 2023

This Wednesday, Turim welcomed Bruno Coutinho, co-founder and CEO of Mar Asset Management, and Carlos Leonhard Woelz, founder and managing partner of Kapitalo Investimentos, for a chat over breakfast at the São Paulo office.

Born from the combination of BTG Pactual’s macro/fixed income investment desk with Opportunity’s and 3G Capital’s equities desk, MAR is a manager that has been operating with a “Multimercado” strategy since its foundation in 2019.

Kapitalo, founded in 2009 and operating with a multi-management model, is responsible for some of the longest running and most profitable “Multimercado” funds in the country.

In the conversation moderated by our partner and strategist Nelson Abrahão, Coutinho and Woelz addressed the current economic scenario in Brazil and globally, in addition to the market perspectives for 2023.

We thank the guests for participating!