Miami Hedge Fund Week


09 February 2024

Like every beginning of the year, Turim’s investment team, represented by our partners Nelson Abrahao, Turim’s strategist, Rodrigo Louro, Turim UK’s CEO, accompanied by Tulio Barbosa, attended events and meetings during the Miami Hedge Fund Week.

With the purpose of discussing market trends, investment strategies, and economic outlook, we highlight the Morgan Stanley Annual Hedge Fund Forum at The Breakers Palm Beach from January 29 to 31, an annual hedge fund conference held since 1999.

The consensus among managers, allocators, and institutional investors is that the soft landing scenario in the USA is expected to persist throughout the year, with persistent disinflation allowing the Fed to cut interest rates. In terms of asset allocation, there is a favorable environment for stock-picking due to performance divergence among stocks.

The topic of Artificial Intelligence continues to be widely discussed (as mentioned in our last semi-annual letter “The relevance of artificial intelligence and how to invest in the thesis through public and private markets” available on our website), with managers focusing on “enablers,” such as semiconductors. To a lesser extent, we observe that topics related to new anti-obesity and diabetes drugs have also been highlighted.

We remain firmly committed to providing our clients with access to updated and differentiated information, promoting valuable global networking, and identifying new investment opportunities.