Immigration and other citizenships

how the pandemic impacted one's freedom to come and go

28 October 2020

“What Covid reminded us abruptly is that we are stuck in our countries. It doesn’t matter if we have planes or fuel, we couldn’t fly anywhere.” This phrase, said by Reaz Jafri, CEO of Withers Global Advisors and immigration specialist, summarizes one of the main concerns of our clients and was the opening topic of this webinar hosted by Turim MFO.

During the online event, Jafri explains that future plans for several families involves obtaining passports from other countries – whether to guarantee rights (citizenship) or to gain access to new places, without needing a visa.

Our partner Roberta Goulart reminds us that the decision to move to another country requires caution. “We ask our clients to think about language, culture, climate, hobbies, sports before taking any decision. It’s no use just thinking about a place because of its tax policy. It is necessary to think about how to be happy in this place”.

If the decision is to move, highlights Jafri, understanding the main motivations of your client is essential, for example ​​education, business, tax benefits, etc. “Understanding priorities is fundamental for any plan”, he concludes.

Our co-CEO, Eduardo Almeida, and Isabela Faria, responsible for Wealth Planning in Rio de Janeiro, also participated in the conversation.