A conversation with Louis-Vincent Gave

about China and Global Markets

24 November 2021

During the webinar on China and global markets, our partner and strategist Nelson Abrahao welcomed Louis-Vincent Gave, CEO and co-founding partner of Gavekal Research. During the conversation, Gave highlighted the paradigm shift that the Asian giant is going through.

According to him, two main points affect the country today: the reduction of the Chinese workforce and the process of reducing the economy’s dependence on the dollar.

“China’s workforce is no longer growing as it used to. For years, millions of jobs were created, but in the last year the country lost three million jobs”.

In addition, explains the executive, the Chinese government, which for more than two decades had as its main policy the creation of jobs, changed its strategy.

“The most traumatic event in China’s recent history was not Covid-19, but the US coup in Huawei, which in three months destroyed the company. Therefore, the main objective of the country today is to cut dependence on the dollar, making the Renminbi a strong currency.”