Similar to what happened in the United States and Europe, Turim was created in 1999 to manage financial resources from three families, being one of the pioneers in the implementation of the Family Office concept in the Brazilian market.

Both our specific expertise in the financial market, fine-tuned over the years and consolidated in the results obtained in local and foreign markets, as well as all of the other services inherent to a Multi Family Office, have allowed us to grow and we work today with approximately thirty families, managing resources as an independent investment manager.

We have integrated all the necessary services in order to protect, preserve, and increase our client’s assets. Therefore, our impartiality is essential in coordinating consulting services such as , accounting, tax planning , juridical matters,  retirement planning, real estate, insurance, family governance and philanthropy.

We offer all of our services in a comprehensive manner, orienting families to increase their quality of life and preserve their cultural heritage. As we have a restrict number of clients we’re able to provide a personalized service according to each individual or family profile, which is our differential.

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